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NVDs Explained


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All Cattle Producers Please Note

From the 1st January 2015 all National Vendor Declaration Forms For cattle sent to Sale or Slaughter need to be no older than - 2013 Edition Serial No. C0413


What is an LPA NVD?

Each time livestock are bought, sold or moved off a property, the livestock consignment must be accompanied by a form of movement documentation. Usually this is a combined LPA National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD), but other forms of movement documentation (such as state/territory-based waybills or travelling stock statements) may also be used. Order an LPA NVD.

You must be LPA accredited before gaining access to LPA NVDs.

What information is included on an LPA NVD?

The LPA NVD asks the livestock owner a series of questions about the livestock’s history. It also contains a declaration from the livestock owner that all information provided on the LPA NVD is true and correct. There are also sections to be filled out by the person responsible for the livestock while they are being moved and agents where they are involved in a transaction. For details on how to fill out an LPA NVD, review the explanatory notes for cattle, bobby calves, EU cattle, goats, and sheep and lambs.  Download the attachement to the LPA NVD

What is the latest version of the LPA NVD?

The current versions are:

What is an eDEC?

An eDEC is an electronic version of the LPA NVD.  The eDEC offers producers a significant cost saving (up to 48%) compared with the printed version. The eDEC simplifies the completion process as it takes producers through the components of an LPA NVD step-by-step and can be printed once completed.

To validate the eDEC, three copies must be printed and signed with copies provided to the transporter, livestock receiver and one retained for your records. 

As with LPA NVD, purchased eDECs are valid until used and are referred to as tokens. eDECs that have been printed are valid for 30 days.

How can I order LPA NVDs or eDECs?

Once you are registered and accredited with LPA, you can order LPA NVDs online at any time via the LPA Service Centre. Both hard copy forms and electronic LPA NVDs (eDECs) are available. You can also order LPA NVDs by calling 1800 683 111 (9am - 5pm Monday-Friday, AEST).

Each LPA NVD booklet contains 20 LPA NVDs and costs $40.00 (GST inclusive). This price includes all postage and handling.

Cheaper and faster than hard copy LPA NVDS, eDECs can be accessed immediately and offer cost savings of 48%. Each eDEC costs $0.95, and can be purchased in bundles of 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100.

What if I need an emergency LPA NVD?

Emergency LPA NVD are essentially the same as an eDEC, and available only in emergency circumstances, when a conventional LPA NVD or eDEC is unavailable and an order for a NVD book has been placed and a producer is awaiting receipt of their new book. Emergency LPA NVD can be accessed online through the LPA Service Centre or via the LPA hotline on 1800 683 111 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm AEST).